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Not at all. ThruFlow panels allow the product to remain constantly ventilated and comfortable enough to walk or lay upon, on the hottest of days.  The same cannot be said for solid composite decking or lumber products.

For me, there were many reasons. When you look at the precision work and the quality craftsmanship, the choice becomes clear, quickly. The team at Hi-Tide and the customer support they provide is second to none. From the perfectly packaged product right down to the step by step installation instruction the choice was obvious to Nauti Docks! People who know boat lifts, choose Hi-Tide every time. 

Call us today and we can put you in contact with someone in your area.  In most cases, there is a better chance to repair than to replace. Call to schedule an appointment today and ensure your boat lift systems are good to go when you need them most. Call us today to discuss your options.

Many reasons really. ThruFlow is a zero maintenance decking solution. No painting, no staining, no splinters or pine tar to deal with. Its non-skid surface is safe to travers in any rainy or dewy conditions. Its open design allows water and storm surge to pass through, unlike wood or composite products. In the worst of storms ThruFlow will always be there. 

Cost today are very comparative considering that ThruFlow is the last decking you will ever buy!

Very well. In the Photo Gallery are examples of ice-covered docks. ThruFlow has gone through years of extensive testing and growth. They have created a 360-degree non-skid surface, which is not affected by any ice accumulation and the integrity of the product is maintained throughout the summer months. Under normal conditions and correct installation practices, ThruFlow will last for years to come.

Nauti Docks works with many contractors and can definitely provide a contact for someone who can address your project.

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